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Key factors for Success

After interviewing and studying thousands of people and analyzing hundreds of variables, we've isolated key factors needed for success. Happiness, Success, Achievement, Entrepreneurship, etc emerge from the study and practice of these factors.


Thousands of books, research papers, data and talks have been studied and many experiments done to find the 5% that leads to the 95%. Each module has a short, optimized and memorable algorithm that can be practiced daily in a few minutes.

Accelerated Learning, Growth

Our modules help accelerate learning and growth by drawing from ideas across fields like neurology, learning theory, computer science, brain chemistry, optimization, personality analysis, psychology, game theory, communication, human development, cognitive science, nutrition, economics, evolutionary theory, systems thinking, etc,

For All

Modules can be learnt and applied irrespective of age, experience and area of expertise. Engineers, Lawyers, Homemakers, Educators, Doctors, Finance Professionals, Students, Managers, Scientists, Executives, Entrepreneurs, etc. can all benefit.


We create systems, not goals based on Scott Adam's advice. Every step of every algorithm of every module and can be practiced independently and effectively to create lasting habits.

The Missing Link

Our research and analysis shows that most people who hit a ceiling are deficient in only one or two key factors. Improvement in these areas through our optimized modules allows many to break free of their ceiling.

Neural Bending

Most self help books don't help because the knowledge is applied after the trigger. We use a new technique called 'Neural Bending' to reprogram the brain to form more effective habits and apply them at the right trigger points.

Evolving Endlessly

Experimentation, learning and experience are fed back into the training to improve them continuously.

@ IFM Engineering

March 2017, Pune

@ Wavelet Technologies and Sci-Com Software

September 2017, Pune.